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Had a sit down? 

It’s never nice when the body meets asphalt or gravel, unfortunately there is usually only one winner. We want to help as much as we can to get you back on the road. If you had a crash and your kit has taken a beating then send us an email with some pictures. We will then decide whether to offer a 20% discount on your next order. If you have washed your kit with a pen in a pocket or caught your kit climbing a gate then the discount will not be applicable. 

To make a claim please email with the subject line ‘SIT DOWN’ and write in a few sentences what happened and attach any pictures you deem worthy. 


  1. The ‘Sit Down’ discount applies to products bought from Genco Ciclismo 
  2. You must be able to provide proof of purchase (such as your order number or email receipt)
  3. The replacement offer is only valid for the original purchaser.
  4. Only genuine claims will be accepted (our decision on whether a claim is genuine is final)
  5. Normal wear and tear, fabric pulls, or other damage do not apply.
  6. You will receive a discount code valid for the purchase on the same item type or something similar. 
  7. The discount cannot be used with any other offer or promotion, including items in the sale.